Portal quick links landing page

The portal menu provides quick links to services. The services among others includes:

  • Customize mail services: To login to your institutional email, visit http://webmail.plasu.edu.ng  or click on the menu in the left pane
  • User Support Services: The link provides quick access to support login interface  where administrators or support staff can provide support for  staff/students. Click  on the link and you will be redirect to the home page
  • Fee Payment: The links provides basic instructions on how to make payment online. Click on the link to visit the instruction page or visit the payment page directly 
  • Course Registration: Upon payment of fees, students are expected to register their courses online. Click the student registration link to register your courses for the semester. You will be guided through the registration processes
  • eLibrary: Provides quick access to free digital library resources available on the internet. Depending on your discipline, click on the appropriate link to source for study materials